The Book

photo of the cover of 'Our Tunes'Our Tunes contains original scores for games, songs and tunes for use in special education or social care situations. The songs and games section begins with simple warm-up exercises that build confidence, co-operation and turn-taking. This develops with songs that have different parts for instruments, movement and actions. The tunes are written out progressively so it is best to start at the beginning if you are a new group.

Alongside each score there is information on suitable instruments, notes played, root chords and arrangements.

There are also chapters on running workshops, suitable instruments, musical notation, setting up groups, contacts for resources and the experience of ‘being Xylosound’ and their projects.

The accompanying CD has been recorded to assist learning the songs and tunes by ear. On most tracks the tune is simply played on one xylophone. This is followed by a live recording of Xylosound playing the tune with percussion, chords, and sometimes harmony parts.

Whether you are working through the book to assist in creating new music groups or just dipping in for ideas, tunes and helpful hints for your existing group we hope you will be inspired to create music.

image displaying page layouts from the book